Twelve months after transitioning from Sea to Literature

On July 12, 2017, I posted the above photo on Facebook and retired from life at sea. My intention was to return to two former loves – writing, and a woman I dated in high school, thirty years earlier.

On September 4, I proposed to Juli-Ann Perkins and on February 8, 2018, we were married in a small civic ceremony in Guelph, Ontario. (In a completely different story, she began chemotherapy/radiation treatments the following week.)Low res-4261

As for the writing, I started calling myself a writer in the 1990s. Besides a self-published novel (The Only Road in Wainfleet, ISBN 0-9681096-0-8), my only literary publication credit that decade was in a tiny, now defunct, Ottawa journal called GraffitiFish. Then the travel bug hit – hard. I backpacked across Europe for six months in 1997, then worked hotels in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake before joining Princess Cruises in June, 2000, visiting seventy-three countries and taking some 30,000 photos (one of my favourites is below). During that time I wrote less, and stopped submitting to publishers.

Lois the Black Bear and Hole in the Wall Glacier at Taku Lodge, 2015. Juneau, Alaska. Bear, Glacier.
Lois the Black Bear and Hole in the Wall Glacier at Taku Lodge, 2015. Juneau, Alaska.

In 2017, not long after settling into a bay-windowed, book-lined room, I joined the Internet Writing Workshop (which is run off a server at Penn State University) and got busy revising old stories and writing new ones. Thanks to the internet, I’ve had more publishing success in the last four months than I did in all of the 90s.

The most up to date list of my publications is below. Some stories can be accessed on my Courtland Avenue web site, or you can click on the links below.

Title Publication Date Appeared First Drafted
Cob Eunoia Review March 6 August 2017
The Greatest Story Ever Told Soft Cartel March 5 August 1995
My Muse The Short Humour Site March 5 November 1993
Self Driving Test Clever Magazine May 26 April 2018
Eighteen Dollar Shoes Bull & Cross May 24 April 2018
Fool on the Hill Literally Stories June 8 October 1996
Good News Furtive Dalliance June 15 March 2008
Between Two Mirrors Literary Nest July 15 April 2018
Dive Ellipsis Due August 4 May 2018
Turkish Apple Harvest Lowestoft Chronicle Due September 1 March 2018
A Gift of Fish Heads Sky Island Journal Due October 20 May 2009

Last month, I also became a Fiction Reader for the prestigious American literary arts journal Gigantic Sequins.

Let’s see what the next twelve months brings.

Me onboard the Star of India, 2013. (Totally staged photo at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.)

One thought on “Twelve months after transitioning from Sea to Literature

  1. Not long after I posted this, I received a darn flattering acceptance letter to bring the count up to 11 published stories. Look for “A Gift of Fish Heads” to appear in Sky Island Journal in October, 2018.


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