Dive is now online at EllipsisZine

My 10th published story this year is now live at EllipsisZine.

“Dive” is one of several linked, but independent stories set in small town Ontario in the 1950s and based on tales my father tells (though this one has a lot more embellishment on my part).

Please give it a read – it will only take five minutes and has been getting rave reviews from the Twitterverse.


“This story will stay with me for a while. An original scene crafed to perfection. Loved it.” “An exceptional piece of flash fiction.”

Richard Lee-Graham

“Oh this was a good tense read.”

Damhnait Monaghan

“Oh I remember reading this one in the subs queue and messaging to say ‘accept this one, immediately!’ … It reads like CNF. I have varied tastes but when the writing is good, the writing is good, regardless of genre.”

“This is wonderful, one I wish I’d written!”

“Wow. A well-controlled flash with a strong voice and imagery. Tension, story. It’s all here. This is some fine writing. Well done.”


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