My award-winning story, “Hoar Frost” is now online at Bandit Fiction.

Tanner leaps to the defence of animals, “Humans are far worse. Animals only kill for food, for survival. A pack of German Shepherds wouldn’t suddenly decide Border Collies are the cause of all their problems, round them up, steal their food dishes and fancy collars, then shave their fur to make blankets, before shooting or gassing millions of them.”

Read “Hoar Frost” at Bandit Fiction.

While getting the hang of publishing in the digital age, anytime someone complimented my work, I wanted to say, “You haven’t even read my best stuff yet,” because it wasn’t online.

I was tempted to post “Hoar Frost” myself, on this website, but waited patiently, instead, for the backing of a notable publisher – a wise choice because this story won an honourable mention in the Canadian Authors Association (Niagara Branch) 2019 fiction contest and appeared in their print anthology.

Now that it is online at Bandit Fiction, I hope everyone can take eight minutes to read this dramatic piece which I consider one of the best stories I’ve ever written. It’s about whether humans are intrinsically evil, and about the holocaust, and all the worst tragedies the world has known. It’s also about hope.

Hoar Frost is a natural phenomenon that, as my wife pointed out one morning, is a perfect metaphor for the frailty of human existence.

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