Four Stories in One Week!

Last week was an incredible one for me, during which four stories came online. For those who like to read short stories, here are the links, in case you missed them.

1. Across the Margin / ATM Publishing published “Barberism” – a flash fiction written in response to the New Zealand Mosque shootings.



2. Panoply published “Porcupine” – a microfiction about embracing your fears . . . & about petting a porcupine.

3. Lowestoft Chronicle published “Who Invited Mother Nature on the All-Boys Weekend?” – a short story about a glacier that gets a chance to take revenge on oil & mining executives.


4. Fictive Dream published “Dandy” – a short story about a boy & a dog, first told by my father and embellished by me.



Dave Gregory is a Canadian writer and an associate editor of the Los Angeles-based Exposition ReviewLearn More. List of publications by Dave Gregory.

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