A Gift of Fish Heads

Set in the youth hostel pictured in the postcard above and written a decade ago, this story has been worked and reworked and then fully revised in June of 2018 after I learned a bit more about writing better stories.

I think the rewrite was successful as it has now been accepted by Sky Island Journal and will appear in their fall 2018 issue, expected on October 20. This is what the editors had to say about the latest version of the story:

‘It is, in many ways, the epitome of what we consider stellar flash fiction. Skillfully structured, your story pulls us in immediately and gently ratchets up tension as we experience the beautiful and uncertain trajectory of your characters. Layered with emotional transport and intellectual challenge, tender, vivid imagery saturates “A Gift of Fish Heads,” and it culminates in a subtle, satisfying, and wonderfully human close. This is a refreshing piece, and we are beyond excited to share it with the world.’

~Jason Splichal & Jeff Sommerfeld,
Sky Island Journal.


Read the story in Sky Island Journal.

(Open the link, scroll down to my name, click on “A Gift of Fish Heads” and a PDF will automatically download.

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