Older Stories

My first incarnation as a writer began in 1991, when I started work on a novel, but publishing success didn’t begin until 2018, when I finally figured out how to write a short story. These pieces were drafted in those early days and have recently been either revised or completely rewritten.

My Muse

So I wrote six more songs about her and had one published as a poem in The Atlantic. Half a million copies, they told me.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The matter, he wrote in reply, would be turned over to the police unless I immediately refrained from watching or contacting his students or staff.


Hiking in Switzerland, she tripped, she fell, she landed in this grave, I say to myself, summing up the last chapter in Irene’s short life as her casket is lowered into the ground.

Fool on the Hill

I work for the federal government. Federal. Government. I don’t know what that means.


On that sunny, summer afternoon when I should have died, I was eleven, almost twelve, and about to start seventh grade at junior high.

Good News

I always wanted to write the great Judean novel – a story so compelling it takes on living form and has the power to save lives. I never imagined my own life would be the first one saved.

Face Painting

Like a bottle rocket, my professor flared with brilliance as she hammered home a new philosophy: life was a quest for beauty.

John’s Oven

Not even a faint orange glow emanated from the broiler.

Thursday Nights with Edgar

Most people on scene find the song irritating under the best of circumstances. Those who like it are ashamed to catch themselves foot-tapping to the rhythm, in such close proximity to a cadaver.

Lake Banook, 1948

Throwing someone into subzero waters was a foolish way to win a fight, since both parties usually landed in the freezing drink, but Tom was known for bad choices.