23. Face Painting. Forthcoming from Still Point Arts Quarterly (US).

22. Gasoline. Expected May, 2019, in The Lindenwood Review (US).

21. Hoar Frost. Expected March 30, 2019, in Fifteen Stories High Anthology (Canada).

20. Stray Cat in Venice. Forthcoming from Spadina Literary Review (Canada).

19. John’s Oven. The Magnolia Review (US). January 16, 2019

(Purchase download of issue 5.1, for only $2 USD, by clicking here).

Not even a faint orange glow emanated from the broiler.

18. Olympia. The Nashwaak Review (Canada). January 10, 2019.

(Print only. Volume 40/41 can be ordered here).

The day that kid came from Toronto was my chance to be a hero. All I had to do was hold my breath. He was older than we were, nineteen maybe. Brush cut, blonde hair, thin as a rail, with oily skin and sunburned ears. After watching us splash in the canal, he called us over. Said he held the record for longest underwater swim. Claimed to be training for the Olympics.

17. Martinello. Miracle: The Inner Circle Writers’ Group Christian Stories Anthology (UK). December 14, 2018.

(Buy the print issue at the above link. Scroll down until you arrive at the Miracle Anthology).

The lamb is now fully grown. Five hundred years old, yet he appears nimble and sprightly, reflective and unburdened, carrying the incandescence of God’s intervention.

16. Thursday Nights with Edgar. Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (US). December 6, 2018.

“The man performing CPR notices his chest compressions are synchronized with the melody.” This is a story about a cantankerous old man and the wrong song on a frozen highway.

15. Praia da UrsaLevee Review (US). November 30, 2018.

 (Buy the print issue or follow above link, click on PREVIEW & RIGHT ARROW to page 1).

The largest bull in the colony chases a foreign couple off the rocks and continues the assault until they scurry up the hillside. Swinging his fat neck, he turns his attention to the solo outsider. Snarling, shoving, the aggressor tries to bite.

14. Prague MetroTrain (International). November 29, 2018.

Wanting to listen to the message again, so I can repeat it aloud, I step provocatively over the line. Twelve heads turn my way, no doubt expecting suicide, yet I wish only to learn.

13. IreneThe Piltdown Review (US). November 28, 2018.

Never let go—not of memories, of friendship, of dreams, of hope, of love, or of the life you have. That was Irene’s final lesson.

12. A Gift of Fish HeadsSky Island Journal (US) October 20, 2018.

 (follow above link, scroll down and download PDF).

“It is, in many ways, the epitome of what we consider stellar flash fiction. Skillfully structured, your story pulls us in immediately and gently ratchets up tension as we experience the beautiful and uncertain trajectory of your characters. Layered with emotional transport and intellectual challenge, tender, vivid imagery saturates A Gift of Fish Heads, and it culminates in a subtle, satisfying, and wonderfully human close. This is a refreshing piece, and we are beyond excited to share it with the world.”   ~Jason Splichal & Jeff Sommerfeld, Sky Island Journal, Co-Editors-in-Chief.

11. Turkish Apple HarvestLowestoft Chronicle (US) September 1, 2018.

Read @ Courtland Avenue.

A bit funny, a bit tragic and set in an absolutely wondrous landscape, this was inspired by a hike across the Anatolian plain in 1997.

10. DiveEllipsis Zine (UK) August 24, 2018.

 Read @ Courtland Avenue.

Set in the small southern Ontario town of Port Colborne, this story was inspired by my father and grandfather.

“Wow. A well-controlled flash with a strong voice and imagery. Tension, story. It’s all here. This is some fine writing. Well done.”   ~ 

9. Dog’s LoveAdelaide Literary Magazine (Portugal & US) August 10, 2018.

Buy the Print Issue or Read @ Courtland Avenue.

“Your writing is expressive, mature, and multi-layered, and it was my particular pleasure to bring it to [our] readers.”   ~Stevan V. Nikolic, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Editor

8. Between Two Mirrors. The Literary Nest (US) July 15, 2018.

 Read @ Courtland Avenue.

With hints of Borges & Poe, this is a dark, haunting piece.

7. Good NewsFurtive Dalliance (US) June 15, 2018.

Buy the print issue or read @ Courtland Avenue.

A Judean writers’ group invents Jesus. Imagine Shakespeare in Love meets the New Testament.

6. Fool on the Hill. Literally Stories (UK) June 8, 2018.

Read @ Courtland Avenue.

The tale of a simple-minded cleaner on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

5. Self Driving TestClever Magazine (US) May 26, 2018.

Read @ Courtland Avenue.

Along with Eighteen Dollar Shoes (below) this is a story lived by my father, embellished by me.

4. Eighteen Dollar Shoes. Bull & Cross (Spain) May 24, 2018.

“Eighteen Dollar Shoes” . . . is a piece that puts Aristotle’s unities to work–one place, one time, one plot. But . . . he extends the place, the time, and the plot beyond what we read on the page, and delivers an ending that gives you hope in the midst of darkness.’   ~Daniel R. Julian, Bull & Cross Editor-in-chief.

3. The Greatest Story Ever ToldSoft Cartel (US) March 5, 2018.

Read @ Courtland Avenue.

A struggling writer with poor memory goes to great lengths to come up with a childhood remembrance story in order to appease the literary journals of the day.

2. My MuseThe Short Humour Site (UK) March 5, 2018.

Read @ Courtland Avenue.

A light-hearted piece about unrequited love and a brush with fame.

1. CobEunoia Review (Singapore) March 6, 2018.

Read @ Courtland Avenue.

Despite being raised on a farm, the narrator discovers how far he has come from nature.

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